How Sama works

Sama helps solve a variety of disputes quickly and effectively. We believe that when there is space for people to be heard and to explore creative solutions then disputes can be resolved quickly and effectively. Sama seeks to create these spaces through its use of technology, proven techniques and a new generation of skilled professionals capable of using those techniques.


We help both sides come to an agreement with the help of a conciliator. The conciliator is an expert who plays a neutral role and assists both parties in reaching a satisfactory agreement. The whole process is online and usually just takes a few days to a week to complete.

We help resolve the dispute by assigning an experienced Arbitrator to hear both sides of the story, review evidence, and then render a decision. The arbitrator can also follow fast-track arbitration and issue a quick award on the basis of documents and evidence submitted. These decisions are legally binding and court enforceable, just like going to court. The whole process is online and usually just takes 8-12 weeks as opposed to years in courts